quickTEMP Non-Contact Thermometer

For Non-Contact Infrared
Temperature Measurement

quickTEMP is the most affordable hand-held, battery-operated sensor that safely and accurately measures temperature using non-contact infrared technologies.

How the quickTEMP Works

All objects emit measurable infrared energy. The quickTEMP uses   special optics to gather infrared energy from a target surface and focuses this energy onto a custom detector. At that point, the detector will convert the infrared energy into an electrical signal proportionate to the temperature of the target surface. The final outcome is a digital temperature measurement in degrees Fahrenheit or Centigrade.

Key Features

Non-Contact Temperature
F/C Selectable Switch
0 to 600F (-18 to 315C)
Pocket-Size Portability
One-Second Response
Continous Reading
Six-Second Temperature Hold
Laser-Sighting Available
CE Optional
A quickTEMP Demonstration

It's easy to operate the quickTEMP. Simply point at the desired target, press and hold the "on" button for the temperature to display - no contact is ever needed. The quickTEMP has an initial temperature response time of 1 second and a continous reading to be used for thermal profiling.

Measuring with the quickTEMP

Direct the quickTEMP toward the target area. The total infrared energy emitted into the sensor will be averaged from within the field of view. The sensor's field of view is denoted by a distance-to-spot ratio (D/S). The quickTEMP has a D/S ratio of 3:1 and measures the emitted energy, within the field of view, one-third the size of the working distance (for example, at 3 inches away, your spot size is 1 inch, etc.)

A World of Applications

Does Your World Include One of These Uses?   


Catalytic Converters
Exhaust Systems
A/C Systems
Tire Wear
Track Temperature (for racing)
Diesel Cylinders

Education & Science

Research Laboratories
Chemical and Petrochemical


Wave Soldering
Circuit Board Testing
Thermal Profiling

Food Preparation

Rotary Cooker Temperatures
Continous Infrared Ovens
Continous Baking Ovens
Microwaved Foods

Food Service-Restaurants, Fast Food Chains

Surface Temperature: Meats, Soups, Coffee
Processed/Packaged Foods & Beverages
Refrigerated & Frozen Foods
Food Packaging & Shipping
Heating & Air Conditioning
HVAC Systems
Residential Eneregy Efficiency

Home Uses

Child Safety (Baby bath, bottle heating, etc.)
Hot Tub/Pools
Microwaved Foods

Plant Maintenance

Boiler Hot Spots
Energy Auditing
Electrical Buss Bars
Motor Performance, Hot Bearings


Vacuum Forming
Injection Molding

Roads & Construction

Road Installation (Spreading, leveling, & curing asphalt)
Road Stone Dryer (Temperature at exit chute)
Paving Mix


Permanent Press
Heat Setting
Dye Setting
Foam Lamination
Carpet Backing

Field of View

The quickTEMP has a distance-to-spot (D/S) ratio of 3:1.


Temperature Range:  0 to 600F (-18 to 315C)
Operating Temperature:  50 to 125F (10 to 52C)
Resolution:  1F (1C)
Accuracy:  2% of reading or 3F (2C) (whichever is greater)
Response time:  1 second
Target Size/Field of View:  3:1 optics ratio with a 1" min target
Repeatability:  0.5% of reading, plus one digit
Power Source:  9-volt battery (included)
Wavelength:  8 to 14 micron
Dimensions:  7.26" x 1.7" x .75"
Weight:  2.7 oz. (without battery)
Emissivity:  Fixed at .95
Accessories:  Carrying case
Warranty:  1 year from the date of purchase 

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