Portable Temperature Sensors

The All New quickTEMP

quickTEMP is the most affordable hand-held battery operated sensor that safely and accurately measures temperature using non-contact infrared technology. The infrared sensor operates at a temperature range of 0F to 600F (-18C to 315C) or -67F to 260F (-55C to 125C) with 2% accuracy of reading. The quickTEMP has a distance-to-target ratio of 3:1, with a 1 inch minimum target requirement, and has a first temperature response time of 1 second. For detailed information on this product click here.

Model LTL-100 is an infrared thermometer featuring laser sighting for fast, accurate and simple temperature readings. This instrument is used to measure moving or inaccessible materials with surface temperatures ranging from -20 to 2000F (-29 to 1093C). Other standard features include 30 to 1 optics, peak hold control, one second response time and adjustable emissivity control. The LTL-100 with its cast alloy construction and powder-coated finish its a perfect tool for any plant maintenance or engineering department.For detailed information on this product click here.

LT, L TL & LTS Thermomitors

The Infrared Temperature Probe converts any standard multimeter info an Infrared Thermometer. The Infrared Thermometer is a passive sensor which receives and measures (heat) radiation from an object. The measured radiation is converted to an electrical signal which is displayed as the temperature of the object. For detailed information on this product click here.

The C-1000 Series Infrared Thermometers are self contained, battery-operated devices for non-contact temperature measurement. Each unit consists of a probe and display unit. The probe unit easily attaches to the display unit for single hand operation. The power source is a single 9-volt alkaline battery and uses a Liquid Crystal Display to enter commands and display data. This innovation greatly simplifies the operation of the product. Features include minimum, maximum and average readings. For detailed information on this product click here.

C-1000 Series Non-Contact Thermometers

C-1600 Series Non-Contact Thermometers

The C-1600 Series Infrared Thermometers are passive sensors which receive and measure (heat) radiation from an object. Since temperature is measured without contact, there are several important advantages associated with this technique. Heat is not removed from the measured object so that the accuracy of the readings is assured .For detailed information on this product click here.

The C-1700 Series ThermoFlow Thermometers are self-contained, battery-operated devices designed to measure heat loss (or gain) through walls and windows without phisical contact. The model C-1700F displays temperature in degrees F and net heat flow in BTU/(sq. ft-hr). A metric version, model C-1700C, measures temperature in degrees C and net heat flow in Watts/sq. meter.  For detailed information on this product click here.

C-1700 Series Non-Contact Thermometers



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